Process Control
New Video: Botanical Dietary Supplement Screening by NMR
Botanic and herbal materials, together with dietary supplements, are two industries experiencing rapid expansion. Increased concerns ... Continue reading
NEW User Library Launched! The Resonance Exchange! is delighted to announce the launch of Bruker's new sharing platform for pulse sequences and ... Continue reading
World’s First MRI CryoProbe for Rats: Those Amazing Images!
A new innovation is helping to take in vivo neuroimaging to new levels of sensitivity enabling amazing increases in spatial ... Continue reading
Structural Biology
Dynamics Center Kinetics Tool – Video Tutorial Series
Don't miss our useful series of three video tutorials about how to use Kinetics, an exciting ... Continue reading

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July 29, 2014 // Imaging

MRI Holds Great Potential in Stem Cell Tracking

Heike Daldrup-Link, Associate Professor at Stanford University School of Medicine, explains that mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) derived from bone marrow ... Continue reading
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July 22, 2014 // Process Control

New Video: New TD-NMR Automation System - Making Life Easier

Watch our informative video explaining the benefits of automation in TD-NMR, specifically for the successful minispec ... Continue reading
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July 15, 2014 // Academics

Free Webinar: Simplifying your Daily NMR Tasks, Acquisition to Interpretation

Join us for a Free Educational Webinar - in 45 minutes you'll discover easy it can be to interpret NMR ... Continue reading
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