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Expanding Options for Solid-State NMR

We at Bruker BioSpin are dedicated to serving the NMR community with the best and latest technological advances. And sometimes, we can’t do it by ourselves! That’s why we’re partnering with PhoenixNMR LLC and Revolution NMR LLC to offer new probes specifically for solid-state NMR.

Both companies are located in northern Colorado, an area with a rich history of innovation in solid-state NMR. The key team members of Phoenix and Revolution bring together more than 150 years of experience in solids, and this depth of knowledge will help us support and broaden the use of solid-state NMR. In a recent press release, Dr. John Heinrich, CEO of PhoenixNMR stated: “We are very pleased to have the opportunity to supply solid-state NMR probes to Bruker.  Our ability to provide advanced probe performance in standard bore magnet systems will provide significant new research capabilities to Bruker customers.”

Under our new partnership with Phoenix, which specializes in high performance probes for solids, Bruker will sell the probes and PhoenixNMR will provide installation and warranty service. The probes, which will be available under the agreement to purchasers of new NMR systems, are fully compatible with standard bore magnets and Bruker spectrometers with MAS3 controllers and offer a number of unique features.

Phoenix probes use a modular architecture that includes a probe base and interchangeable probe heads with proton frequencies from 400 to 900 MHz. The user is thus able to acquire other probe heads with spinning system sizes from 1.2mm/60kHz to 6mm/9kHz in addition to the one originally included with the probe to support a wide range of experimental needs, without having to purchase a new probe.  Other features, including a deuterium lock channel, low gamma tuning down to 15MHz and simultaneous H&F tuning are also available, either with the purchase of the probe or as factory modifications.  Phoenix probes offer a VT range of -125°C to +150°C which can be extended with Vespel or PBI spinning modules.

PhoenixNMR probes: 3.2 mm (top) and 4mm probe (bottom) probe heads. Interchange of probe heads takes less than 10 minutes


Please contact your Bruker sales representative to discuss the availability of Phoenix probes for your system purchase.

Our arrangement with Revolution NMR is less formal, but we occasionally make use of Revolution’s design and machining expertise to assist us with specific development projects. The first of these, which is presently underway, is the development of the Agilent – to – Bruker (A to B) kit.  We recognize that while many customers may own Agilent (or Varian) probes which still provide important experimental capabilities.  The A to B kit is designed to provide the proper electrical, mechanical and thermal interfaces so that these probes can be used with the Bruker system.  A to B kits are currently available for wide bore magnet systems.  Standard bore kits are under development and should be available by the end of the year. For more information download the flyer by clicking the button below and  please contact your Bruker sales representative for pricing.