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Aloe Vera Raw Material Screening

Aloe vera

Aloe vera extracts are commonly used in cosmetics, nutritional supplements and medicines, and are thought to have healing and soothing properties. They are a common ingredient of lotions, yoghurt, drinks and desserts, and also facial tissues for consumers with sensitive skin. Given the demand for this versatile plant, it is vital that the identity, quality and quantity of key components are checked thoroughly, in both the raw extract and the finished product.

Aloe vera extract

The identity of aloe vera is indicated by the presence of key metabolites, and freshness is assessed by measuring degradation products. The potential presence of unknown adulterants means that both compound specific and non-targeted methods are necessary for effective screening.

A new material validation system developed specifically for aloe vera using NMR now offers fully automated screening against adulterants, degradants and impurities, involving quantitative and qualitative NMR analysis, and detection of unknown materials.

NMR screening with Assure-aloe

NMR’s discriminating and directly proportional response makes it the ideal solution for this type of analysis. Multi-component analysis is performed in a single measurement, which is then compared against a spectral library, with acquisition and analysis algorithms designed specifically for aloe vera evaluation. The process is fully automated and takes only 15 minutes. A traceable record of sample analysis and results is provided, suitable for GLP or non-GLP environments.

Assure-aloe report

Fully automated NMR analysis of a material as complex as Aloe vera is a major step forward in the quality control of botanical materials. As well as removing the safety risk of impurities and adulterants, the new solution reduces the delay, cost and waste caused by the manufacture of unusable product.

Launched at the International Conference on Natural Products Research (ICNPR) in New York, Assure™ – Aloe expands the capabilities of Bruker’s existing Assure-RMS (Raw Material Screening) NMR software. The sample screening is also available through Bruker Analytical Services.