Liquids Analysis Techniques

InsightMR for Process Monitoring

Monitoring Chemical and Biological Processes

InsightMR has a varied portfolio of applications for monitoring chemical and biological processes, to increase understanding of reaction mechanisms, radical formation and cell metabolism.

InsightMR “the classic”, enhances reaction understanding, and confidence when transferring processes from the laboratory to the manufacturing plant.

InsightXpress the “Tesla of reaction monitoring” and fastest of the family, enables monitoring of fast reactions and rapid, automated, screening of reaction conditions.

InsightCell monitors living cells to study their biological activity through direct measurement of variations in metabolite concentration.

InsightEPR (on display) is highly complementary to the classic InsightMR, monitoring processes involving radical formation.

The InsightMR flow unit and dedicated software are ideal for both industrial and academic scientists studying or optimizing organic reactions.

The flow unit, equipped with temperature-controlled transfer lines, enables on-line monitoring of chemical reactions in real-time under real conditions. This is achieved by fast and continuous transfer of reaction mixtures from a reaction vessel into the flow tube, which is located in the NMR probe. The InsightMR flow unit is compatible with all 5 mm Bruker probes, making it a cost-effective, versatile solution.

How to Install InsightMR

Designed for use by both NMR experts and non-experts, InsightMR software enables straightforward monitoring of reactions in both deuterated and non-deuterated solvents. The system is up and running in minutes; further training is not required!

InsightXpress’s new stop-flow delivery pumps enable the screening of reaction conditions by NMR at an unprecedented speed. Using InsightXpress, Professor Lloyd-Jones and his co-workers gathered insights into the mechanism and kinetics of the Suzuki-Miyaura protodeboronation side reaction. They were able to monitor the decay of a reagent with half-life time of 1 s!*

Right: Suzuki-Miyaura coupling, one of the currently most utilized reactions in industry
and it’s protodeboronation side reaction. Left: Kinetic profile showing the depletion of one of
the reagents, with a half-life time of 1 s! Data acquired by Professor Guy Lloyd-Jones’s group
with InsightXpress.

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