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International Centre of Excellence in Metabolic Phenotyping

Strategic Alliance between Murdoch University and Bruker 

On September 20th, Murdoch University and Bruker announced a strategic collaboration that will help transform the prevention and diagnosis of disease and personalized health around the world. The Murdoch-Bruker collaboration will play a key role within the Australian National Phenome Centre (ANPC)[1], the international centre of expertise for metabolic phenotyping.  The ANPC has recently been established under the leadership of Murdoch University Pro Vice Chancellor for Health Sciences and international pioneer in phenomics Professor Jeremy Nicholson, and distinguished 2018 Western Australia Premier’s Fellow in Phenomics, Professor Elaine Holmes.

Equipped with various Bruker nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and various mass spectrometry (MS) phenomics solutions, the ANPC will enable researchers to examine the complex interactions of genes, the environment and lifestyle on human metabolic health. The ANPC will be a critical platform for the Western Australian Health Translational Network (WAHTN) and will work closely with major hospitals, universities and medical research institutes. It is an affiliate of the International Phenome Center Network (IPCN), founded under the leadership of Professor Nicholson.

At an inauguration event held onsite, Bruker CEO Frank Laukien and Bruker Executive Vice President for Life Sciences Mass Spectrometry, Rohan Thakur were treated to a tour of the facility. Check an image to enlarge and enjoy the photo gallery!