Food Science & Safety

High Throughput Push-button NMR in Fruit Juice Quality Control

SGF-Profiling is a unique quality control method for the authentication of fruit juices, based on Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) technology and enables the screening of apple and orange juices for origin authenticity, species purity or false labeling.

Juice Analysis

Relying on an extensive spectroscopic database of NMR spectra from samples obtained from production sites all over the world, the unqiue database was generated in cooperation with SGF INTERNATIONAL E.V., SURE – GLOBAL – FAIR. The method is implemented on Bruker’s Avance™ III NMR spectrometer combined with a high throughput sampling system and automated data evaluation.

In recent years there has been an increasing demand in the need for evermore sophisticated food and beverage analytical techniques to meet new regulations, labeling requirements, and legal conformity standards.  In a global market the control of authenticity and the detection of adulteration are growing issues facing the fruit juice industry. The sensitivity and specificity offered by NMR mixture analysis technology makes this a viable and highly robust screening technique for fruit juice quality control.  The method replaces a multitude of commonly used analytical experiments with just one single experiment, a single NMR analysis.

Bruker’s fruit juice screening methodology consists of a 400 MHz Avance III NMR spectrometer, equipped with a liquid handling system for automated sample preparation and injection, a fruit juice NMR database and analysis and sample management software. The method is marketed for use in the quality control of apple juice and orange juice, while other food applications are currently in development.