Liquids Analysis Techniques

New Pharma by NMR Posters!

At SMASH 2016, Bruker presented a number of posters and presentations outlining the important, and increasing, role NMR is playing in pharmaceutical applications.

New technologies, software and applications are opening fields of research. Learn how new software tools are being used in fragment-based drug discovery, or approaches to evaluating the quality and nutrient consumption of cell culture media – just to name a few!

All the posters and presentations are available for download by filling out one form. Here is the complete list:


  • Probes and Applications News
  • 1, 1-ADEQUATE Exclusively Affords 1JCC Correlations
  • NMR Solutions for Drug Discovery
  • NMR Characterization of Monoclonal Antibody Drug Products
  • Faster Higher Resolution Spectra
  • Identify, Quantify, Detect Differences with AssureNMR
  • Tips and Tricks (for Acquisition Processing – Leading to Good Spectra)
  • How Fast is Fast


  • Cell Culture Media: NMR Approaches to Evaluating Quality and Nutrient Consumption
  • Potency Determination by qNMR
  • Fragment Based Drug Discovery by NMR Tools to Increase Usability and Efficiency
  • Quantitative Component Analysis of Solid Mixtures by Analyzing Time-Domain 1H and 19F T1 Saturation Recovery Curves (QSRC)
  • New Approaches to in situ Analysis of Reactions by NMR and IR