Food Science & Safety

Quality Validation of Food Analysis using non-targeted NMR screening

Customers who submit samples for analysis through the Bruker Analytical Services Food Center demand results of the highest quality and reliability, requiring continuous validation of analyses performed.  An intensive in-house validation is undertaken as well as participation in official and international ring tests.

Juice Quality

For SGF-Profiling™ the following validation methods are continuously applied:

  • Proof of highest-level reproducibility
  • Proof of inter-instrumental identity of results
  • Comparison with official reference methods (e.g. IFU)
  • Participation in Proficiency Tests by FAPAS®

Precise Accurate

These tests prove the high precision and high accuracy of Bruker SGF-Profiling™.

Highest Level of Reproducibility
One main advantage of our NMR-based screening systems is the highest level of reproducibility of the complete 1H-NMR fingerprint, and therefore of all the extracted results – quantification as well as results from statistical models.

Reproducibility of results SGF profiling Fruit Juice Screener
Highest Reproducibility

The figure (above) shows 50 such NMR profiles (10% of total spectral range) of the same apple juice in overlay. These samples were prepared and measured within one day. The final graph of all superimposed spectra shows only one single line – the differences in these spectra being only at the noise level. The figure shows the excellent reproducibility of the SGF-Profiling. 50 NMR-spectra of replicate preparations and measurements of one apple juice are coming to a complete overlap.

Reference Quantification
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  • Excellent reproducibility, even over 8 months (each sample was re-prepared and measured)
  • 1H-NMR spectrum can be regarded as the ‘fingerprint’ of the sample
  • Highest precision is proven

Comparison with Official Reference Methods

  • Very good correlations with reference methods
  • More than 3500 comparisons of 20 different types of fruit
  • High accuracy is proven
Quantifcation Comparison SGF Juice
Official Reference Method Comparison

Official Ring-Tests: Participation in Proficiency Tests by FAPAS®
Constant testing of analysis quality by participation in official and certified ring tests, is of high priority for Bruker BioSpin NMR-based juice and beverage screening.

FAPAS is the largest and most comprehensive analytical chemistry proficiency testing scheme in the food sector. All schemes follow the International Guidelines for Proficiency Testing and have a scientific advisory committee of internationally recognized experts who provide guidance on the content of the tests and answer questions from customers. FAPAS is accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service.