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Competitive Intelligence through NMR spectroscopy – Detergents and Polymers

High quality competitive intelligence gives you an edge in selling manufactured products and is a vital tool for protecting intellectual property. This is especially true for products that have no regulations requiring disclosure of the ingredients. Information of interest includes the identity and concentration of undisclosed materials, the degree of molar substitution, branching characteristics of the polymer chain, and relabeling of products from either a competitor or of their own.

NMR spectroscopy is a powerful tool for competitive analysis due to its strength in evaluating complex mixtures. Using detergents and polymers as examples, we will demonstrate the use of NMR for composition analysis and rapid formulation assessment with Assure-RMS.

What you will discover
NMR spectra of complex mixtures can provide a wealth of information with minimal sample handling, and without fractionation. The reproducibility of NMR spectrometers and the compound specificity of NMR allows for the rapid assessment of highly complex mixtures through the use NMR spectra databases and customized automated analyses. NMR spectral databases allow the identification of specific components without the need to spike the sample with an authentic reference material. With the component identity and a quantification-calibrated NMR spectrometer, the absolute quantity of the specific components can be determined.


For rapid assessment of similar or dissimilar products, multivariate statistical approaches using NMR data provide a means to rapidly identify new ingredients and changes to formulation in competitors’ products and to protect in-house intellectual property. Finally, we will show how measurements, analysis, and reporting can be streamlined into a simple automated process using the Assure-RMS software from Bruker BioSpin. Fully automated assessment by NMR can be used for competitive intelligence and quality assurance of incoming and outgoing materials.

Our Presenters
Dr. Kimberly L. Colson – Business Development
Manager and Dr. Jimmy Yuk – Research Scientist, Business Development, Bruker BioSpin