NMR Know-How

What Are NMR PRobes?

The NMR probe is the core element where the magnetic field, the radio frequencies and the sample interact with each other. An optimized probe configuration for the application will guarantee optimal performance. Standard with most probes are pulse field gradients and a temperature range from -150 to +180 Celsius.

Workhorse probes such as the Smartprobe or iProbe are best for routine labs that cater to chemistry departments or to chemical synthesis labs in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. Our triple or quadruple resonance probes are ideal for biomolecular or metabolomic applications. Small volume probes provide enhanced sensitivity and flow probes allow direct coupling to separation systems.  Specialized probes include small volume probes for mass limited samples, flow probes for coupling of NMR with HPLC, high temperature probes optimized for petrochemical and polymer analysis. Battery research and the study of ionic liquids can benefit from high power diffusion probes.

Solid-state MAS probes range in rotor diameter from 7 to 0.7 mm diameter allowing spinning speeds up 111 kHz on the latter. CryoProbes (cryogenically cooled probes) deliver a jump in sensitivity that enables scientists to observe sample amounts that have been previously been considered too small just a few years ago.

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